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Why Tim Pallas isn’t the ‘most popular person’ in his electorate

Those who’ve organised a protest through the streets of Werribee on Tuesday night say they’re hoping to send a “very loud” message to the state government, TransUrban and their local member, Tim Pallas.

The “No Toxic Sail Rally” is in opposition to the planned dumping of toxic soil from the West Gate Tunnel project.

“We’re hoping to send a very loud message to the government and TransUrban that they can’t bring their toxic soil anywhere near Wyndham,” Lisa Heinrichs, from Wyndham Community Activists Group, said on 3AW Drive.

She said Tim Pallas wasn’t the “most popular person in town” at the moment.

“It’s a good thing he doesn’t live in his electorate, I guess,” Ms Heinrichs quipped.

Tim Pallas lives in Williamstown.

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