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How whale snot has caught the interest of TEDx Melbourne

We’re snot joking around here.

A leading marine biologist told 3AW Breakfast that whale snot could help solve the mysteries of the great deep blue.

Yes, you read right: Whale snot.

Dr Vanessa Pirotta will be talking at TEDX Melbourne when TED Talks return to Melbourne this year, embracing the theme ‘limitless’.

“We’ve created a water-proof, snot-proof, whale-snot collecting drone,” says Dr Pirotta.

“It eliminates the need for scientists to be super close to a whale.

“Once in position it opens a collective device to grab the juicy sample of whale snot.”

This peculiar method could also help improve ocean environment.

“We’ve found out these whales are carrying viruses and bacteria,” says Dr Pirotta.

“Whales are recovering from whaling, so we need to look at new conservation methods to help save their future population.

“Also it has helped (us) learn about our ocean health.”

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