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Why you can’t know which buildings have dangerous cladding

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Neil Mitchell says there’s “a disaster waiting to happen” in Melbourne.

It’s emerged in the wake of Monday’s fire at the NEO200 building there could be thousands of buildings with unsafe cladding.

“But the government won’t tell you which ones,” Neil Mitchell said.

“You might live in one – work in one.”

The reasoning given is for security reasons, with fears terrorists or arsonists could target the buildings should they be made public.

“I can understand that – but it doesn’t do much to reassure you if you live or work in one,” Neil said.

Stephen Raff, founder of Ace Body Corporate Management, said that wasn’t good enough.

He said residents and owners must be made aware.

“Yes it should be (public) – absolutely,” Mr Raff told Neil Mitchell.

“The government, both state and federal, have a responsibility here.

“This is not the owners’ responsibility or problem – they’ve bought in good faith and have bought a building that has substandard cladding and is putting lives at risk.”

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