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‘I was surprised’: Why you haven’t heard from Gina Jeffreys for 12 years

Once the darling of Australian country music, Gina Jeffreys has broken a 12-year touring hiatus for the release of a new album.

Beautiful Tangle, including single Cash, is a heartfelt return to the spotlight after more than a decade dedicated to being mum to son Jacky, 17.

“We (her and record producer husband Rod McCormack) just decided as family for me to step out of the spotlight and never miss a cricket game and never miss a footy game, and it’s been awesome,” she told Denis Walter.

“I actually slid right into that lifestyle quite easily — Chardonnay on a Saturday night at home around the pool, and not on tour.

“Turns out I’m quite good at staying home and drinking with my friends!

“I was surprised how much I loved it.

“It’s been so good, you don’t get those years back when your kids are little.

“I think the proof is in the pudding, he’s turned into a really nice person because we’ve put a lot of time into him.”

Denis Walter: Was it risky, career-wise?

Jeffries: Yes, but, you know, what’s more important?

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