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Break, enter and smash: 16 teens arrested after destroying house in Melbourne’s south-east

More than a dozen teenagers are in police custody after smashing up a luxury house in Melbourne’s outer south-east last night.

The Rumour File broke the story this morning after receiving a tip about the destruction.

Fourteen police units including the dog squad arrived at the house on Rowallan Avenue, Harkaway at 5.30am this morning after calls from concerned neighbours.

The teens had destroyed the property, smashing almost every window in the home and breaking furniture.

Upon arrival, police discovered the significant damage and arrested the 16 teenagers present, all aged between 16 and 19.

The house was listed for short term rental, however it was vacant last night and was not rented to the teenagers.

Police say the group broke in to the house during the night.

Neighbour Priscilla said the group also visited the property on Sunday night and caused a ruckus, but did not damage the property on that occasion.

“It happened the night before as well,” she told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell.

“They’ve come back.

“These people are out of control. They have no respect for anybody or anything in the area.”

Priscilla said the house has been a constant source of trouble for the quiet neighbourhood.

“He’s (the owner) opened up the floodgates to Airbnb and all types of people who don’t respect the area like we all do,” she said.

Nine News reporter on the scene, Sam Cucchiara, said he’s never seen anything like the destruction at the property.

“It’s absolutely extraordinary,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“There’s barely a window here at this property that has not been smashed.

“These kids picked up anything in their sights and essentially used them as missiles, throwing them at windows and walls.”

The owner of the house is devastated.

“He’s only recently bought it as an investment and he just can’t believe it,” Mr Cucchiara said.

“He told us he’s absolutely shattered.”

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