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ACCC calls for tougher penalties after UberEats investigation

The ACCC is calling for a law to penalise businesses with unfair contract terms after UberEats was forced to change its contract.

The competition watchdog found the food delivery service was charging businesses with the refunds from dodgy deliveries.

UberEats has agreed to change their contracts to clarify restaurants are only responsible for refunds if the issue is within their control, such as the wrong food order being sent.

ACCC Chairman Rod Sims tells John Stanley they can only deal with it case by case until there is a federal law change.

“If it was illegal to do it… then if we find out about then it, we could take them to court and get them hit with very large penalties.

“At the moment there are no penalties for unfair contract terms.

“Make it illegal and we’ll wipe it out from the industry completely.”

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