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Witness describes ‘almighty brawl’ at Geelong vs Carlton game

Details of a fourth brawl at an AFL game in recent weeks has emerged, with a caller to 3AW Mornings saying the violence is not just isolated to Etihad Stadium.

Grant told Neil Mitchell he was at GMHBA Stadium on Saturday night at the Geelong vs Carlton game when an ‘almighty brawl’ unfolded.

“We paid $149 a seat to sit in the Millennium Room thinking that would be a good environment to enjoy the game,” he said.

“About halfway through the last quarter an almighty brawl broke out between some Geelong and Carlton supporters.

“And it wasn’t just pushing and shoving Neil, they were really giving it to each other.”

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Grant said the brawl lasted about ten minutes and involved four people, including one Geelong supporter who “probably took about six upper-cuts to the face”.

He said by the time police arrived it was all over.

Dave Clayton, Acting Commander at North-West Metro Region, told Neil all parties need to work together to ensure the responsible service of alcohol.

“Geelong is not my patch but I was certainly listening to what Grant had to say,” he said.

“He made a very good point about how we need to work more strongly with the venues around their function areas and corporate rooms.”

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