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Witness describes incident where three dogs attacked another in Aberfeldie on Tuesday

A young woman has told Neil Mitchell she witnessed 3 dogs, believed to be pit bulls, attacking another small dog.

The reported incident occurred at Aberfeldie on Tuesday afternoon.

3AW Mornings spoke with Stephanie who says the dogs were off lead and had no collars.

‘I was going for my jog like I do every other day.’

The dog’s owner was around 50m away and they came running towards Stephanie.

The sped past her and headed towards an elderly man and his dog.

The man’s dog was described as a ‘little scruffy thing’.

‘It all happened so quick.’ – Stephanie told 3AW Mornings. 

One of the pit bulls grabbed the small dog around the neck and threw it to the ground.

The owner of the pit bulls ran off before they could speak with him about the incident.

Thankfully the little dog wasn’t injured.

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