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Wodonga councillor’s push to raise speed limits on the Hume to 140km/hr

A Wodonga councillor says there will be less accidents on the Hume Freeway if the speed limit is raised from 110km/hr to 140km/hr.

Cr Tim Quilty told Neil Mitchell said it would reduce time on the road, especially for drivers who drive on the freeway frequently between Melbourne and Wodonga.

“It’s too slow, anyone who drives that road on a regular basis knows it’s a good road,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“It’s just a way of raising revenue.

“Most of us do know how to drive, not everyone has to drive at 140km/hr it is a two lane road.

“You get there quicker, fatigue is less, accidents would be reduced.

“The number one of cause of accidents on that road, I believe, is fatigue.”

Cr Quilty, who is also running for a seat in the Upper House for the Liberal Democrats, said he didn’t have the statistics on how many accidents occurred on the road, but he would lobby the issue in parliament if elected.

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