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Woken by a ‘DING’? The staggering stats that might make you turn your phone off

People woken up the ‘Ding‘ of their mobile phone at night have a much higher chance of being involved in a car accident.

That’s one of the findings in a Flinders University study into the impacts of phone sounds at night.

Of about 2000 people surveyed, one-in-five people were woken up by sounds from their mobile phone multiple times a week, and on-in-20 every night.

Of those respondents, 23 per cent reported having a recent car accident or near-miss, compared with a staggeringly lower two per cent who slept the entire night.

There’s also a greater chance of making a mistake at work when woken by your phone.

Lead researcher Sarah Appleton told The Age a public health awareness campaign could encourage people to switch their phones to silent.

Or go even further.

“We need to go back in time to analog alarm clocks. It’s a very simple solution,” she told the newspaper.

Ross and John were staggered to learn that much of their production team slept with the phone on.

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