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Woman attacked in Richmond pilates studio

A woman was attacked by a man in a Richmond pilates studio this morning.

The man reportedly tried to drag the woman out of the Bridge Road pilates studio just after 8.30am.

Three men who were passing by intervened and apprehended the attacker.

Witnesses say the assailant appeared to be drug affected.

Victoria Police Commander Tim Hansen said the attacker is in police custody.

He thanked the men who intervened, but urged the public to exercise caution when stopping violence.

“Policing doesn’t operate in and of itself, we are very reliant on the community,” he told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell.

“I do ask for people to risk assess what that looks like.

“We don’t want people to become part of the violence themselves, but when you hear and see of it, it makes me very proud to be a Victorian.”

Richmond resident Alana said she thinks violent outbursts are becoming more common in the suburb.

“It’s really gotten so much worse since the injecting room opened,” she told Neil Mitchell.

“There are people shooting up in our street.

“Every day there are multiple incidents that we have to put up with and we’re just getting ignored.”