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Woman debates the purpose of zoos with Neil Mitchell on 3AW


A Monbulk woman has debated the purpose of zoos with Neil Mitchell after saying animals would be ‘better off dead’ than kept in captivity.

Jenny Moxham wrote to Tuesday’s edition of The Age, calling for zoos around the world to be ‘phased out.’

Her calls follow a number of incidents over the past week that saw animals trying to escape their enclosures.

At a New Zealand aquarium, ‘Inky the octopus’ successfully squeezed through a tiny gap in his tank and hurtled toward a drainpipe that led to the ocean.

He remains at large in Hawke’s Bay.

In another incident, a chimpanzee in Japan escaped his enclosure and evaded capture for nearly two hours. 

‘Freedom is precious to all beings, not only human beings,’ Ms Moxham told Neil Mitchell.

‘There’s no need to deprive animals of their freedom.

‘They literally go crazy from boredom and stress … they’re living totally abnormal lives.’



?Jenny’s letter to The Age today