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Woman dies in tragic circumstances after minor car crash

A woman has died in unusual circumstances after a minor two-car crash at Forest Hill.

Her Ford Falcon was involved in a minor collision with another car on Mills Street shortly before 4pm yesterday.

The driver, aged 52 from Croydon, stopped a short distance after the incident and stepped out of the vehicle to look back at the crash scene.

She attempted to reverse back to meet the other driver.

But she did so with her door open and no seat belt on.

As a result, when she accelerated she was thrown from her car.

She suffered fatal injuries in the fall and died at the scene.

“I think it’s a lesson in always wearing your seat belt,” Victoria Police spokesperson Alistair Parsons told Ross and John.

Ross: I think it’s a lesson in the fact that life is so fragile. Who expects to die under those circumstances…

The state’s road toll now stands at 190, 59 deaths higher than at the same time last year.