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Woman fed up with students refusing to give up seats on Melbourne tram

UPDATE: The Principal of De La Salle admits he’s ‘disappointed’ and has apologised after hearing two of his students failed to give up their seat on a tram for a heavily pregnant woman.

Caroline Creasey spoke with Tom Elliott on Wednesday, saying she was fed up with the ‘notorious’ students refusing to give up seats.

Ms Creasey reached tipping point recently when a heavily pregnant woman was forced to stand on the No.6 tram while two teenage boys sat in seats designated for those with special needs.

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Peter Houlihan, Principal at De La Salle in Malvern, told 3AW Drive it was disappointing to hear.

He said he expected better from his students.

‘These boys have certainly let themselves down and the college down, I must say,’ Mr Houlihan said.

‘I’d certainly like to apologise to Ms Creasey and the pregnant lady in question, more to the point.

‘But the vast majority of our boys are very well-mannered and polite, both in the public domain and certainly in school.

’99 times out 100 I’m very proud to be their principal.’

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