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Medibank Private compensates ‘shocked’ customer over ‘unauthorised’ withdrawal

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Medibank Private has apologised and issued compensation after it incorrectly took $2500 out of a woman’s bank account.

Jackie contacted 3AW Mornings, distressed after spotting the unauthorised withdrawal.

Initially, she was told it was a readjustment due to a change in premiums.

But when she followed up again on Friday, an IT glitch was to blame.

“They had access to my bank account and basically did what they wanted and the bank allowed it,” Jackie told Neil Mitchell.

Medibank Private told 3AW Mornings the withdrawal should not have happened.

“We have been speaking with our customer last night and today and have apologised for the error and the distress this has caused,” the insurance provider told 3AW Mornings in a statement.

“We recognise the shock the customer had when she realised the wrong amount had been debited from her account.

“We are working hard to fix the issue and are in the process of refunding the customer and in the meantime we have made a $500 compensation payment to the customer’s bank account.

“We have also arranged a $200 gift card for the customer to use at the local supermarket.”

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