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Woman tells Neil Mitchell she was threatened and verbally abused on a Frankston train

A woman has told Neil Mitchell she was verbally abused and threatened on a Frankston train.

Leanne jumped on the train at Mordialloc to head to work where she was threatened by two young men.

She’s told Neil Mitchell she feels unsafe on our public transport. 

‘There were two young men sitting behind me, all they were doing, one in particular, was swearing.’

‘I turned to them and said, ‘excuse me, can you stop that swearing?.’

The young men stood up to get off at Parkdale when they turned to Leanne and said to her – ‘You’re not my f****** mother, you’re just an f****** piece of sh**.’

‘Why don’t you get off the train right now with me and I’ll slit your f****** throat.’.

Leanne has told Neil Mitchell she was completely shocked.

‘I should be able to travel on the train three stops without listening to swearing.’ – Leanne told 3AW Mornings. 

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