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Woman wants aggressive Pit Bull put down after it mauled her cat to death

A woman has called for a dog to be put down after she says it savagely attacked her cat in the front yard of her Burnside home last week.

Enrica Baldwin, said her cat, Tiger, was attacked by an American Pit Bull Cross last Thursday afternoon.

Tiger subsequently died after the incident.

Ms Baldwin wants the dog, which had to be OC-sprayed by police to be subdued at the time, to now be put down.

“The police attended and had to capsicum spray the dog, they put it into the back of their van and it’s been at the pound ever since.

“It was micro-chipped so they’ve notified the dog’s owner’s.

“It could have been a child, I have an eight-year-old son who could have been out there with our cat.”

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Phil Lovelace from Melton City Council told 3AW, via a statement, the council is investigating.

“Once the investigation is complete, Council will prepare a brief that will be presented at Sunshine Magistrates’ Court, at a time yet to be determined.

This hearing will determine the outcome of the case. Council will then consider the fate of the dog to ensure the community is safe.

Council has been in contact with the dog owner, who is aware of the prosecution being prepared about the incident.”

Victoria Police confirm they did attend at Enrica’s address and used OC-spray to subdue the aggressive dog.