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Anti-lockdown protest attendee hangs up on Neil Mitchell after he questions her story

(Image: 9News)

Neil Mitchell spoke to a woman who was fined at an anti-lockdown protest at the weekend to try and understand the mindset of people who attended the rally, but the conversation did not end well.

Kim said she wasn’t a protester, but had travelled from Frankston to the Shrine of Remembrance while an anti-lockdown protest was on.

Initially she said she had gone “to find out for myself what’s going on”, but she later claimed she was nearby because she had been visiting her daughter in Prahran.

When Neil questioned the inconsistencies in her story, he was hung up on.

Press PLAY below for the call.

Neil Mitchell: Why did you come up from Frankston in the first place? You just told me you came up to check out what was happening.

Kim: Because I don’t believe what the media are putting out.

Neil Mitchell: But hang on, why did you come up from Frankston?

Kim: Well, I actually went to my daughter’s thing.

Neil Mitchell: For heaven’s sake … which is it?

Kim: *hangs up*

Kim was fined $1652 for breaching the Chief Health Officer’s restrictions.