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Woolworths introduces new technology which makes it easier to escape the crowds

Woolworths has rolled out a new feature which allows shoppers to check how busy supermarkets are before they head off to buy groceries.

The feature is designed to help stop overcrowding and make it easier for shoppers to social distance.

The technology, known as Q-Tracker, monitors wait times if queues have been introduced outside stores due to COVID-19 capacity restrictions and allows shoppers to see how busy a supermarket is at any time of day.

Woolworths General Manager Andrew Hall says it will help shoppers take all the necessary precautions to reduce the risk of coronavirus spreading.

“It’s really good for the customer to be able to see when are the busiest times for individual supermarkets,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“If you’re wanting to choose the quieter times to shop then you can make a really good choice around when you can go to the supermarket and be confident you can get around and keep social distancing.”

Woolworths is also trialling a booking function at four stores — Taylors Lakes, South Melbourne, Hampton Park and St Helena — which allows shoppers to pre-book a window in which they wish to shop.

The Q-tracker is available HERE.

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