Workshop: grasses and their lookalikes


Pencil this into your diary!

This week, Jane is encouraging listeners to check out a pretty unique workshop. It’s all about grasses and their lookalikes.

If you’ve got a couple of grassy shrubs in your garden, or around your local area, now could be the perfect time to identify their species and cultivars. Tune into The Big Backyard this Sunday to hear Roger Elliott chat about the event.


  • Event: Australian Grasses and Allies Workshop
  • When: Sunday February 21, from 9:30am to 4pm
  • Where: Australian Garden Auditorium, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria – Cranbourne Gardens
  • Cost: Members of Cranbourne and Melbourne Friends $60, non-members $75, students $30
  • Book: Contact Amy Akers of the Cranbourne Friends, on 0423 513 281

For more information, visit the website: