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World Health Organisation recommends tough limits on kids’ screen time

The World Health Organisation has issued guidelines on screen time for children, for the first time.

According to the guidelines, children under one should not be exposed to electronic screens at all.

Less than one hour of screen time per day is recommended for children aged two-to-four.

Currently, Australian kids aged four-to-five average more than two hours screen time per day.

Director of the Australian Institute of Family Studies, Anne Hollonds, said parents need to look at their own behaviour before focusing on their children’s habits.

“There should have been guidelines for parents and carers of young kids as well in terms of their screen time,” she told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell.

“They want to do what they see their parents doing.

“Our addiction is affecting what the kids are doing and we’ve got to really look at ourselves first,” she said.

The guidelines also advise that children aged two-to-five get three hours of physical activity per day.

There is some evidence which suggests excessive screen time may lead to behavioural problems among children.

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