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World’s Funniest Person

Today we read the following headline: The World’s Funniest Man Unmasked.

Ross and John were surprised to see it was accompanied by a picture of Sacha Baron Cohen.

You know, the guy responsible for Borat (very nice) and Ali G Indahouse.  

He’s good. But not worthy of the titles of world’s funniest, we reckon.

Ross went as far as saying there was ‘not a prospect on earth’ that he was the funniest man.

So, we asked our listeners to help out with the list.

Listen here to the talkback segment: 

Here’s our full list. 

Steve Coogan, in Mid Morning Matters with Alan Partridge

Jason Alexander as George Costanza

Donald Trump, as himself  

Michael McIntyre

Denis Committee

Billy Connolly


Steve Wright

Billy Crystal

John Cleese

Will Ferrell

Louis C.K

Emma Chambers

Who could forget our two unintentionally funniest men: George W Bush and Bruce McAvaney. Delicious.