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World wrestling star DDP talks about concussion and yoga with Tom Elliott

Diamond Dallas Page is the latest sporting identity to express his concerns about the effects of concussion.

The former wrestling star joined Tom Elliott in studio on Tuesday to promote his new yoga program.

In a wide-ranging interview, the 3AW Drive host asked DDP about what he thought of the public’s perception of wrestling and ‘how much’ of it was real.

‘You can’t fake gravity,’ the charismatic entertainer replied.

He said he’d been knocked out ‘at least’ 20 times in his career and recounted a frightening incident in which he thought he’d just finished a bout while walking down the street.

‘I definitely have a little damage there,’ he said.

It follows much debate in the NFL and now AFL about the true impact of head injuries.

‘I’ve seen the AFL. It ain’t checkers out there,’ DDP said.

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