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‘Worst I’ve seen’: Newspaper photographer tells story behind shocking Richmond pics

A newspaper photographer who has spent nearly a decade covering Richmond’s drug scourge says the suburb’s problem is only getting worse.

The North Richmond injecting room is again in the spotlight after the Herald Sun this morning published a front-page image (above) of a man overdosing in the street in full view of children.

Herald Sun photographer Jason Edwards, who called Triple Zero for the man, captured the scene within minutes of an assignment in Richmond yesterday (see more photos here)

Edward stold Ross and John the man had not injected in the safe rooms.

“His friends didn’t want to go in the safe injecting room, even though he wanted to, so they decided to inject right there in the alley,” he said.

“I’ve photographed many addicts injecting in that street, it’s just a regular suburban street.

“I’ve been covering this story here for more than eight years, this is the worst I’ve seen it, for sure.”

Paramedics treated the man, who chose not to attend hospital.

South later asked him where he got his drugs.

“According to him, it’s Richmond. You don’t need to be very intelligent to know where to get heroin in Richmond.

“He told me he moved to the area for that reason.”

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