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Worst traffic injustices in Melbourne

The 3AW Breakfast team fired up about Melbourne’s worst traffic injustices this morning.

Ross, John and Ela Carte lamented the traffic nightmare that is the intersection of Collins street and Batman Hill Drive

This particular intersection is a common route out of the 3AW office building. 

Ross took aim at a construction site that often shuts one out of two lanes on the thoroughfare. 

A flood of listeners called to nominate their most-hated traffic injustice in Melbourne including:

  • The non-policing of white lines on top of the Bolte Bridge
  • Monstrous tram stops that have dramatically narrowed adjacent roads
  • Any road getting out of Point Cook
  • Trucks on all four lanes on the East Link merger on to the Monash

Paul summed up the general mood when he gave a short editorial: ‘If the building of a building requires the impeding of traffic, they’re building the wrong building.’

 Nick Fisher from VicRoads said a lot of factors were taken into account when considering temporarily closing a road for construction purposes. 

LISTEN: VicRoad’s Nick Fisher joins 3AW Breakfast