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Worst words of 2016 including alt-right, Brangelexit, and bigly

The worst words and phrases of 2016 have been announced.

And number one’s a doozy. 

Dr Neil James, the executive director of the Plain English Foundation, took 3AW Breakfast through some of the other offerings for terrible catchphrases, buzz words and terms employed by spin doctors.

Brangelexit topped the list, but others include:

  • Alt-right
  • Risk of tree failure
  • Integrated resources
  • Temporary volume dislocation
  • Bigly
  • Disestablished

‘We have a lot of fun, but it gets increasingly hard,’ he said.

‘We are absolutely not against new words coming in to the language, language changes and grows but when you get the kind of spin from a company such as Samsung and explaining phones catching on fire as a ‘battery cell issue’ then something else is happening.’

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