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Would you dob in an irresponsible driver?

It has been the worst start to the Victorian road toll in a decade, and in a desperate bid to curb deaths on our roads Victoria Police are asking the public to dob in bad drivers. 

The bold new plan asks the public to contact Victoria Police should they witness dangerous driving or know someone who behaves irresponsibly on the road.

Superintendent Deb Robertson told Neil Mitchell that road users who chose to dob in a rogue driver would have to provide evidence including a registration number and possibly front court. 

‘We really do rely on the intel the public provides us,’ Superintendent Robertson said. ‘It would be a lot of work, I understand that.’ ?

‘This is purely out of frustration…to have 68 families out there that are grieving just from this year alone just doesn’t make sense to me.’

Victoria’s road toll is currently at 68, compared to 57 at this time last year. 

Listen in full as Superintendent Deb Robertson from Victoria Police speaks to Neil Mitchell