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Wyndham Council pushes for alternative sites for super max youth prison

Wyndham City Council will push the Andrews Government to reconsider the proposed site for the super max prison for youth offenders in Werribee South.

At last night’s meeting, councillors officially opposed the prison on ‘social, economic and environmental grounds.’

More than 4100 residents received a robo call from Liberal MP Bernie Finn last night, asking them to cast their vote on whether they supported the proposal or opposed it. 

The survey, although unofficial and not scientific, showed more than 90 per cent of locals oppose it.

Mayor Henry Barlow said there was no doubt development in the area would be threatened.

‘It’s just not fit for purpose in that location,’ he said.

‘For a start – maybe we wouldn’t have had to be fighting it if we had the option of sitting down and discussing the location.’

The council is hoping to put forward a number of other alternative sites in the council area.

‘There are a number of councillors who don’t want it in Wyndham at all, there are some councillors who have said in the right location we would support it,’ he said.

‘We are 100 per cent saying that it is not the right spot. It’s a high profile spot.’

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