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Yarra Mayor denies 30km/hr trial is about revenue raising

The Mayor of the City of Yarra has denied the 30km/hr trial in Collingwood and Fitzroy is about revenue raising.

Mayor Daniel Nguyen did admit to Neil Mitchell that if the number of cars on the streets is reduced as a result of the trial, that would be deemed a success.

NM: When will the speed cameras go in?

DN: There’s no speed cameras that I know of.

NM: When will Victoria Police start fining people?

DN: You’ll probably have to chat to VicPol about that.

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Cr Nguyen said the average speed is around 34km in the area anyway.

It will apply on around 8kms of road in Collingwood and Fitzroy, bordered by Alexandra Parade to the north, Johnston street to the south, Nicholson street to the east, Hoddle Street to the west.

The trial is planned to begin in late September 2018 and will run for 12 months.

DN: We’ll see if there’s any increase in walking, cycling, motorcycling use in that area.

NM: So you want to keep cars out?

DN: There are arterial streets that we believe would be more suitable for cars.

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