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Yarra Mayor refuses to support CCTV surveillance

The Mayor of Yarra has clashed with Tom Elliott over the installation of CCTV cameras.

Mayor Roberto Colanzi said the Council does not support the installation of CCTV, but Tom Elliott thinks ‘Blind Freddy’ can see it is a good thing.

‘It’s a police responsibility, and a State Government responsibility,’ Mr Colanzi said on Monday.

‘We (would) need the State Government to come to us with a proposal.’

But Tom said the Council should be more proactive than that.

LISTEN: Yarra Mayor Roberto Colzani joins Tom Elliott in the studio

The debate prompted the Shadow Minister for Corrections, Ed O’Donoghue, to call in and criticise the Council’s position.

He said the opposition to CCTV is ‘to the detriment of community safety’.

LISTEN: Ed O’Donoghue calls Tom Elliott