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‘You can’t just hide and hope’: Mark Allen opens up on cancer battle

Macquarie Sports Radio host Mark Allen has opened up on his cancer fight for the first time.

In an article published in the Herald Sun on Sunday, the much-loved figure publicly revealed his five month battle with stage four bowel cancer.

Diagnosed in December, the former golfer and radio host urged others to get checked.

“It has become a reasonable story,” he told 3AW’s Sunday Sport.

“The warning sign unfortunately was way too late, they suspect I’ve had a tumour in my rectum for three and half years.

“You can’t just hide and hope.”

His blood tests originally came but clean but said those results shouldn’t solely be relied on.

“Don’t rely on the blood test if you have a history of cancer,” he said.

“I was in disbelief because I was feeling so good. To this day I don’t feel sick.

“When they told me it had migrated to my lungs, then it was game on.

“I was driving home thinking about funeral songs, not many people get told they are stage four cancer.

“We have got some good doctors and chemotherapy drugs are really good these days.

“I was lucky I reacted really well to it.”

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