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‘You moron’: Tigers coach lashes out in press conference


Who did Dimma call a ‘f—ing moron’?

The comment is pretty clear, but the target is less obvious.

Most presumed it was a directed at a journalist, but Ross and John did some digging and this morning discovered a high-ranking AFL official could be implicated.

Losing Richmond coach Damien Hardwick made the comment in his press conference after slamming an umpire for not awarding a free kick to Shane Edwards for a tackle on North Melbourne’s Ben Cunnington at a crucial moment in front of goal. 

‘It was a diabolical decision really,’ he said. 

Shortly after, a phone rang in the background of the press conference; It’s believed the phone belonged to the senior AFL media figure, who quickly rushed out of the room.

A journalist understood to be the Herald Sun‘s Jon Ralph was then heard asking: ‘That’s a $5000 fine, isn’t it?’

That’s when Hardwick said ‘Seriously? F—ing moron’, while shaking his head. 

There is confusion as to who Hardwick was referring to: the journalist, the AFL official or the umpire? 

Ralph has taken to social media to try and clear up the saga. 

He said his question was in jest, referring to the phone ringing and Hardwick’s angry reply was aimed at the phone’s owner.

WATCH: Dimma’s press conference after the game on Sunday (Language warning)

Dimma Hardwick: ‘Seriously? You f****** moron.’

Dimma Hardwick didn’t muck around when a reporter reminded him he was risking a $5000 fine for criticizing the umpires in a press conference…’Seriously? You f****** moron.’

Posted by The AFL Update on Sunday, September 13, 2015