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“You should never play Saudi Arabia again”: Tom slams the Saudis

Tom Elliott says the Saudi Arabia Football team’s snub of the London terror tribute was the “most insulting thing you can possibly do to Australians.”

Before last night’s World Cup qualifier match, the Socceroos observed a minutes silence for those who lost their lives in the attack which killed two Australians.

The Saudi Arabia Football Federation claimed the tribute was not in their culture.

Tom says that’s “absolute nonsense.”

“The Saudi soccer team just wondered around like Brown’s cows.

“Some of them kicked the ball around, some of them turned their backs on the Australians, they did not stand together, they did not observe the minutes silence.

“You know what’s not in their culture?

“To acknowledge Saudi Arabia’s role in financing global terrorism.

“If you go to Saudi Arabia and don’t honour their culture you will be in big trouble.”

Tom suggests one thing Australian teams should take from this.

“You should never ever ever, play Saudi Arabia again in any sport. ”