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Young South Sudanese leader: ‘Let’s stop being politically correct’

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A young South Sudanese man who himself became a victim of gang violence has told how he believes Melbourne’s gang crime problem should be tackled.

In 2011 Nelly Yoa came to the aid of a stranger and was stabbed with a machete, almost bleeding to death.

He now volunteers with offenders of Sudanese descent, telling 3AW Breakfast the current approach to gangs clearly isn’t working.

“I was sort of in disbelief when the police said gangs don’t exist,” Mr Yoa said.

“Let’s stop being politically correct and call it for what it is.”

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Mr Yoa also penned a powerful piece in today’s Age, calling for action.

“It discredits all the hard work the majority of the South Sudanese community has done,” he said.

“This is getting out of control, the wider community is sick of it.

“Someone’s going to get killed.”

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