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A day at the beach, camping, test cricket: Ross and John discuss ideas of hell

Ross and John

Being stuck on a desert island with only Duran Duran albums to listen to? Or with only smoked salmon to eat? Ross, John and Kate discuss their ideas of hell.

The chat was prompted by an article in The Age, where a man says having the flu for four days has been hell.

Ross said his was a day at the beach, Burnso’s was being stuck on a desert island with only smoked salmon to sustain him and Kate nominated audience participation as her idea of hell.

Callers volunteered the following ideas of hell:

  1. Camping
  2. Being stuck next to your mother-in-law on a flight to London
  3. Going to a Michael Buble concert with your wife
  4. Test cricket
  5. Being stuck next to a screaming baby on a long-haul flight
  6. Theatre restaurants
  7. To be marooned on a desert island with the world’s best stereo system and having nothing but Duran Duran albums to play

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Ross and John