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Your screen is doing more damage than you think: These specs could save your eyes

According to new research an obsession with mobile phones is exposing Australians to a greater risk of serious health issues.

Optometrist, Nicky Kiparissis, told 3AW Breakfast too much damage is being done to our eyes.

People are suffering eye fatigue, blurred vision, headaches and neck pain due to eye strain.

“It is the blue light coming out of screens,” Ms Kiparissis said.

“It’s also that we’re focusing too close for too long which isn’t allowing the eye to relax.

“Blue light plays with your circadian rhythm and effects you as the brain doesn’t make enough melatonin.”

The solution – blue light spectacles.

“They’re awesome!” Ms Kiparissis said.

“They cut all the blue light that comes from devices and can be cut to your prescription.”

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