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YOUR TOWN | 3AW Drive speaks to Morwell locals in the lead-up to the state election

In the lead-up to the November election, 3AW Drive is finding out what matters to you.

On Monday afternoon, Morwell locals told Tom Elliott what will sway their vote in the marginal seat.

La Trobe City Business Tourism Association Chairman Peter Ceeney called for a new regional train line that runs through the town.

“It would be nice to have a direct rail link,” he told Tom Elliott.

“I’d love a link without stopovers that if we do attract people who want to commute (and live in Morwell), then that commute is not a slave to the suburban rail market.”

Local cafe owner Pauline Pike said it was important to help the mentally ill and drug-affected people that are present around her small business.

“There doesn’t seem to be enough help for them,” she said.

“We seem to be sent a lot of people because of our housing affordability and some of them have major issues.

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