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Your Town: 3AW Drive visits Brunswick

Dubbed the home of hipsters, Brunswick locals and retailers have a reputation for being trendy and progressive. 

3AW Drive headed out to the suburb’s main street, Sydney Road for this week’s ‘Your Town’. 

Program reporter Alyssa Allen came back with this list (callers have added some too).

You know you’re in Brunswick when… 

– You have the biggest choice of kebabs that Melbourne has to offer. 

– There’s bearded hipsters everywhere cycling on bikes carrying hessian bikes.

– You’re sitting on an upturned milk crate on the street at a cafe. 

– You go a Barber’s shop and they call you ‘dude’.

– Italians are shouting loudly at each other down the street.

– There’s pot plants hanging from every roof.

– There’s lots of tattoos, coffee and vintage shops.

Did we miss some? Let us know!