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Your Town: 3AW Drive visits Elwood and finds out about a ‘dog poo war’

The beachside suburb of Elwood is home to an epic ‘dog poo battle’.

3AW Drive visited Elwood as part of the weekly Your Town segment and found the most divisive issue was dog droppings.

‘There was noticeable amounts of dog poo on the foreshore and on the beach at the playgrounds,’ 3AW Drive’s Alyssa Allen told Tom Elliott.

Tom Elliott had a crack at those who dare to leave their dog’s mess behind.

But it seems the issue is far more widespread than Elwood.

Worryingly, the majority of 3AW Drive callers happily proclaimed they didn’t pick up after their dogs.

Caller Steve was adamant he shouldn’t have to.

‘I refuse to pick up my dog’s droppings, I don’t do it at all,’ he said.

Listen: The epic war in Elwood