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Your Town: 3AW Drive visits Kew

Students from Kew’s private schools may make headlines for all the wrong reasons but residents say they unfairly get a bad rap.

3AW Drive’s Your Town visited Kew to find out more about the suburb that’s known for its wealth, tradition and apparently for being a little bit ‘vanilla’.

One local, Robert Stewart, said it wasn’t always fair that some private school kids give their schools a bad reputation.

‘I think some of the time the private schools get a bit of a bad rap,’ he said.

‘One kid mucks up and it hits the front pages.

‘There are a lot of really great things in the private schools and that never gets any publicity.’

Robert, who runs Bob Stewart’s clothing store in Kew Junction, said his son attends Xavier and is involved in a great program to help tutor underprivileged children.

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