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Your Town: 3AW Drive visits Port Melbourne

A quick survey of Port Melbourne residents has found they’re a little ticked off by trucks driving through the suburb and don’t know the nickname of their famous VFL footy team.

3AW Drive took a quick trip to the bayside suburb on Wednesday as part of its regular Your Town segment.

Sabah Ibrahim has lived in Port Melbourne for 17 years and told Tom Elliott she wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.


‘The only thing I don’t like is a part of Bay St which is really noisy with traffic and trucks,’ she explained.

‘My house shakes every time one drives past.

‘It feels like an earthquake.’

But in a more startling revelation, Tom Elliott was almost floored when told nobody knew what ‘The Borough’ meant.

‘Everyone gave me a blank look,’ program producer Alyssa Allen told Tom.

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So Port Melbourne footy director Warren Voss came on to explain the background of ‘The Borough’.

‘We’re very proud of it,’ he said.

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