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Your Town: 3AW Drive visits Williamstown

In the nineteenth century, Williamstown earned itself the nickname Dogtown. 

The story goes that health inspectors would pick up stray dogs from Melbourne’s CBD and dump them at the end of the train line, Williamstown. 

Nowadays the western suburb is a scenic and sought after area, popular with families. 

But when 3AW Drive reporter Alyssa Allen visited, locals did have a few gripes. 

The nightlife in Williamstown is apparently lacking and could do with an injection of culture to entice visitors. 

Residents have also backed a ferry service to the city.

Laura Nardo, president of the Williamstown Chamber of Commerce, said it was widely supported in the community. 

‘I think sometimes people see the [West Gate] bridge as a bit of a hindrance,’ she told Tom Elliott. 

‘To have something like a ferry service would be more of an enticement.’

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