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Your Town: Bridge Road trader says council has ‘washed its hands’ of Richmond shopping strip’s woes

A despondent Bridge Road trader has accused council of ‘washing its hands’ of the famous shopping strip’s woes.

3AW Drive took a trip to Richmond as part of its regular Your Town segment.

Program producer Alyssa Allen found 40 vacant shops on Bridge Rd between Church St and Punt Rd alone.

Mario Joveski, who owns men’s clothing store Marin, said it would soon be 41.

‘I’m on my last legs, as well,’ he told Tom Elliott.

‘I never thought Bridge Road would get to this level.

‘It’s totally shocked me.’

Mr Joveski, who has owned the store for almost a decade, said there had been a number of factors contributing to the problem.

Myki, high rent and shopping trends were among them.

‘I think the council is saying they’re doing bits and pieces to help Bridge Road revive, but you had the Lord Mayor saying it’s going to take up to eight years before Bridge Road finds its feet again,’ he explained.

‘So they’ve pretty much washed their hands clean and are happy to watch apartments go up and get rates on apartments.’

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