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‘At night they’re just everywhere’: Mice plague hits Victoria

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It appears we have a mouse plague in Victoria.

Colleen told Neil Mitchell properties in the Mallee are suffering enormously with a huge mouse population, with the video below from her son’s property in Ouyen.

“At night they’re just everywhere,” Colleen said.

“Just mice running in all directions.”

Researcher with the CSIRO Steve Henry said the population has exploded in recent years.

“The last two seasons have been really high years for mouse numbers,” he said.

“The 2017 crop was sewn with a lot of mouse damage.

“I’ve heard some crops having to be sewn three times and that’s a really expensive process.”

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He said a mouse plague is characterized by greater than 800 mice per hectare but the threshold for damage for farmers is 200 per hectare.

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