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Zali Steggall’s pitch to the “sensible centre” to dethrone Tony Abbott in Warringah

Four-time winter Olympian turned lawyer Zali Steggall is running as an independent in an attempt to dethrone former PM Tony Abbott in his long head seat of Warringah.

Ms Steggall told Tom Elliott she feels the Liberal Party has lost its way, and the “sensible centre” needs an alternative to Mr Abbott.

“I feel strongly that the Liberal Party has lost its way and really doesn’t represent particularly, women well,” she said.

“The move to the far-right has really disenfranchised the sensible centre voters.

“He’s (Abbott) successfully seen off nine challengers.

“He’s made it very clear he’s unwilling and unable to change his views, and he’s been very clear how far-right they are.

“He really just has no willingness or ability to change.

“All I’m saying to the people of Warringah is, you’ve got a choice.”

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“I reckon she’s half a chance to unseat Tony Abbott,” Tom said.