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Zoning for new Beaumaris Secondary College has parents ‘up in arms’

The zoning for the new Beaumaris Secondary College has some local parents ‘up in arms’ their children could miss out on a place for the so-called super-school.

It’s predicted the zone could prompt a surge in renters and home buyers, desperate to have their children zoned for the school which is set to open next year.

Director of Hodges Group and manager of the Beaumaris office, Michael Cooney, said there’s a perception that the ‘you beaut new facilities’ will attract the best teachers, and parents are eager to get their children into a top notch public school.

‘Now that it is zoned those that are missing out or they think their children are going to have to go school that aren’t in this zone that are perhaps not as good, are up in arms,’ he said.

‘The good citizens of Beaumaris haven’t had a really decent highschool for a long time.’

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