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Charlie Brown

Steve Price talks to Charlie Brown about the latest technology news.

1 hour ago / 08:36
What was most claimed last financial year?

Dr Linda Swan, the chief medical officer at Medibank, talks to Steve Price about what was most claimed in tax returns last financial year.

1 hour ago / 06:14
Tourism Australia CEO raises money for the homeless

John O’Sullivan, the CEO of Tourism Australia, braces for a chilly night at the Vinnies CEO sleepout.

2 hours ago / 06:12
Chilly Night for CEO’s

Jack De Groot, the CEO of NSW St Vincent de Paul, talks to Steve Price about Vinnies CEO sleepout which raises money for the homeless.

2 hours ago / 04:20
S.A state-based Bank Levy… Banks are not happy

Tony Pearson, the Executive Director of Industry Policy at the Australian Bankers Association, talks to Steve Price about finding out about the state based tax for the big four banks plus Macquarie through a media release and if other states will follow suit.

2 hours ago / 07:02
Greens senator Larissa Waters passes motion while breastfeeding in parliament

A Greens Senator has created headlines by becoming the first woman to breastfeed while passing a motion in parliament. MP Larissa Waters has told Tom Elliott she has no problems with it and would do it again. “When ever my baby is hungry, I’ll feed her. That’s my job as her mum. I can walk and […]

3 hours ago
Half price chocolate price tag raises questions

Andrew snapped a pic of the price tag of a Turkish Delight at Woolworths and sent it in to 3AW Drive. “How is that half price?” he said. “Mind you – that’s cheap for a Turkish Delight!”

5 hours ago
Dogs feet turn green after walking through ‘Round Up’ at Williamstown park

A woman walking her dog was shocked to find it had walked through council sprayed herbicide ‘Round Up’ at Williamstown. Julie-Anne told 3AW’s Tom Elliott she took her two dogs for a walk on Tuesday and was shocked to find her dog’s feet had turned green. “I began to suspect the council were spraying Round Up. […]

6 hours ago
NEIL MITCHEL: ‘It’s wrong’ – Labor MP found to have taken his partner on several taxpayer funded trips

It’s all but over for Labor MP Telmo Languiller, as it’s revealed former the former Speaker took his partner on several overseas trips before he stood down from the role. “This is the man, remember, he had to repay $40,000 for his second residence allowance,” said Neil Mitchell. “He is within the rules on this because […]

8 hours ago / 02:10
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