Breakfast with Ross and John

Ross and John Ross Stevenson and John Burns entertain listeners with their razor sharp wit and oddball humour every morning. And every day the best segments of their on-air - and sometimes off-air - program are published on 3AW.com.au.

3AW Mornings with Neil Mitchell

Neil Mitchell Neil is one of Australia’s most experienced journalists with success in newspapers, radio and television. He was one of the youngest editors of a daily metropolitan newspaper, The Herald.

Denis Walter's Afternoons page

Denis Walter 3AW Afternoons provides a feast of entertainment and helpful information between 12 and 3pm every Monday to Friday. Denis Walter, one of 3AW's favourites, hosts the program each day - with highlights regularly uploaded to 3AW.com.au.

3AW Drive with Tom Elliott

Tom Elliot Take a new way home with Tom Elliott on 3AW Drive at 3-6pm weekdays. In an all-new, three-hour Drive Program, Tom Elliott will tackle all the issues affecting Melbourne, bringing you the latest news, information, opinion and talk back.

3AW's Sports Today

Sports Today Former AFL stars Dwayne Russell and Gerard Healy keep you informed about the game all year round, but particularly in-season. When AFL takes a break, the boys ensure all of your sporting requirements are met.

Nightline with Bruce and Phil

Bruce and Phil Now in their 18th year together, Bruce and Phil are as fresh as ever hosting Australia's most listened to Evening Program . Sunday - Thursday from 8pm until Midnight

Andrew McLaren Overnight

Andrew McLaren At 28 and a half years of age Andrew McLaren signed up for a radio-training course with Bob Taylor and got a start at 7HT Hobart and lurched through 3GL, 3AW, 3DB, 3MP, Magic693 and now, after many years back again at 3AW!

3AW Football Central

3AW is Football. In 2014, the 3AW Football team is the most experienced and successful in the league. This is your home for all 3AW Footy news, views and analysis. 3AW is Football.

Weekends: Buy Swap and Sell

Darren James - Come and find a bargain on 3AW The 3AW Weekends page incorporates Buy Swap and Sell, the Big Backyard, Streetwise, the Big House, Sunday Morning, Talking Health, Blast From The Past and Melbourne Overnight.

Grubby & Dee Dee's Weekend Break

Grubby and Dee Dee With 25 years of radio experience under their belts, Grubby and Dee Dee take over the reigns of The Weekend Break. With fun, laughter and good times guaranteed what better way to spend your weekend afternoons!

Pub of the Week 2013

Pub of the Week 2013 Tony Leonard is back for a 19th year reviewing Melbourne's best pubs. Listen to the famous segment with Neil Mitchell at 11:40 every Friday.

Talking Health

Dr Sally Cockburn For a detailed rundown and full podcast of each episode of Dr Sally Cockburn's 'Talking Health' - which is on every Sunday between 6-8pm - click the above link.

3AW Food - Eating Melbourne

3AW Food 3AW is Food: Melburnians love to eat so it's fortunate we live in the culinary capital of Australia. On this dedicated food page you will find the latest recipes by Bob Hart as well as Tony Leonard's Pub of the Week reviews. La Luna head chef Adrian Richardson also serves up a dish from his own cook book and food reviewer Ela Carte visits one of Melbourne's hottest eateries weekly.

The Big Backyard

Gardening with Darren and Jane Join Jane Edmanson and Darren James in the Big Backyard each Saturdand Sunday. Jane and Darren tackle all the latest gardening topics, from plant selection to pest control.

The Big House and Streetwise

Big House Streetwise talks to everyday people throughout Victoria wondering what to do, who to turn to and who to deal with bureaucratic red tape of councils and state governments. Big House gives valuable advice to listeners on DIY in and projects around the house. Big House can help you with all your renovations, extension and running repairs at home.

3AW Fishing

3AW Fishing Passionate anglers David Kramer and Paul Worsteling bring you the most accurate fishing reports and all the news in fishing every Friday evening at 7pm. Give them a call with all your fishy tales and questions.

Donna Demaio: Entertainment

Donna Donna Demaio is 3AW Radio's hard-working entertainment reporter, featuring on Afternoons, the Neil Mitchell program on occasions and also as a 3AW News reporter and reader. She writes a column each week for 3AW.com.au.

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