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$1.2 billion drug bust: Organised crime expert predicts there’s more to come

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Federal police this morning seized 1.6 tonnes of methamphetamine and 36 kilograms of heroin, in the biggest ice bust in Australian history.

The drugs, which were bound for Melbourne, were discovered inside stereo speakers shipped from Thailand.

Patrick Winn, an investigative journalist specialising in Southeast Asian organised crime, said he is “not at all” surprised by the seizure.

“I imagine within a year or two you might have a bust that exceeds this,” he told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell.

Mr Winn said the drugs were unlikely to have been produced in Thailand.

“I would bet my life savings it was actually produced in the northern hills of Myanmar,” he said.

Mr Winn said “record breaking amounts” of methamphetamine is being produced in the region.

“They have an oversupply, so they’re trying to push it to wealthier countries, such as Australia, where they can get a much better price,” he said.

“Australia really is the ideal market, because it seems that in Australia there is a taste for this drug.”

Mr Winn said a kilogram of methamphetamine is worth $4000 Australian dollars in Myanmar.

When that kilogram is smuggled into Australia, drug dealers will pay around $250,000 for it.

If they can sell it all, they will have made an estimated $850,000.

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