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‘A five-year-old would know’: Lloydy and Shawry go head-to-head on Willie Rioli

Willie Rioli is facing up to a four-year ban after allegedly tampering with his urine sample in August.

The young Eagle is believed to have provided a yet to be determined liquid to ASADA for drug testing.

Matthew Lloyd and Tony Shaw went head to head on 3AW Football when discussing how Rioli could be so naive.

“I want the testers to have say ‘you can not influence anything else, the only thing going in here is your urine’,” Shawry said.

“We know they get told three times a year, but some football players are dumb.

“Some of these blokes are dumb.

“Tell them no other substance can be used.

“We’re talking about livelihoods here.”

But, Lloydy didn’t agree, claiming Willie should have known better at the age of 24.

“Seriously, do you think the testers have to spell it out for them?,” questioned Lloyd.

“A five-year-old would know.”

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